Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey Family! Things here are going well. We're finding new investigators and gaining more trust in our ward. Apparently some time in the past some missionaries lost the trust of the ward; so it's been fun to see how we've been able to help grow the ward back up - since I've been in the area.....And with my new companion - it's nice to have a fresh set of eyes!

We're teaching a few new people in the city. They are really nice, love the gospel and are excited to learn more.

They're both reading The Book of Mormon and are excited for our future appointments! :-) Our Bishop also gave us a referral the other night of someone who wants to learn more about the gospel. So we're gaining the trust of the ward and we're working hard to be accountable with everything that we're given and the ward is responding! It's all good!

I've been studying more in the Ensign about hope, (Mom-I've written you a letter - I just need to send it out to you!) and it's been really great to see how much Jesus Christ can do and how many bases he's covered through the Plan of Redemption.

Alma has been good reading! I've been reading in Alma 12:9-10 which was great about how much the Lord will reveal the mysteries of God to people and how that all works! I've also been studying my blessing (Patriarchal) and using the dictionary with it! It was pretty much AWESOME!

Mom - I hope your getting better. At least it's not like Virginia, where all the pollen is coming out to say 'hello' and gets all over our bikes (and us!) Haha!

Dad - I LOVE getting the recordings from you. I can't listen to the one of the frogs because I don't have my headphones at the moment but I will; I  just forgot mine today and I will start sending you more voice recordings soon.

Amy - I hope to hear from you soon. How your doing and how things are going in life for you. The letters you send always keep me and my companion on the edge. :-).....but it's all good.....but really...I'd love to hear from you.

Laura-Cory & Owen - HEY! I really enjoyed the pics you sent me in the mail. You three look great! It's really nice to see Owen decked out in Osiris gear just like his dad! Haha! I hope all is going well. I love you three!

Amanda-David & Aidon - What's Up? YO! I love how much Aidon is growing up these days; it's been awesome to hear his voice from Dad's cell phone recordings. I hope you three are doing well; that you three are happy! I know I am!

Well, I'm heading off for now but I hope things get going well back home for everyone! Things here are great!....and hopefully getting better!

I love you all! :-)

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

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