Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For anyone who is sending a package or letter through the mail to Nick - PLEASE be sure to add his first name as there is more than one Elder Richards in his mission!!!     NICK or NICHOLAS


Susan Richards :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

News from Portsmouth, Virginia

Hello Dear Family!                                            26 Sep 2011

My new area ROCKS and so does my new companion! I was in the MTC with Elder Jensen...

E. Jensen, E. Richards
Portsmouth, VA - 09-26-11

E. Jensen, E. Richards

E. Jensen - MTC

MTC-Provo Temple
E. Jensen is far left & E. Richards' MTC
companion, E. Stanley is on far right!
Good Memories!

Things are going well. We're on bike and don't have a car. My bike that I'm using now is uh...ok...haha!...It's got no shock's and it's made from about 3 other bikes..haha! So I'm looking in the mission for a better one that we can rebuild. I think my bike is older than me - a bit! LOL!

As far as all my equipment goes - it's all doing good. I may send some of the picture frames home and laminate all my pics (for builk and size reasons). I'm now recovering from my lovely aching bike seat that I'm still getting used to...haha!

Our area is really nice, tons of stores and lot's of nice people everywhere. It's nice to talk to everyone and much easier. I find doing service the best way for me to 'find' me become familiar with my new surroundings.

It's funny that most people think that they will just 'find' themselves soon but as I've observed throughout my mission is that it takes a lifetime and religion is really the base on how we can build our lives. It's absolutely necessary!!!

Lately, it's been raining a lot so I've been getting some nice brown and black splashes up my backside because I don't have fenders for my bike....Yuck!....

Last night Elder Jensen (from Nevada) and I were teaching a lesson to a member and I didn't know it, but a mesquito landed on my arm. My companion reached over and slapped my arm all 'ninja style'! It really surprised me! haha! whoa! :-) but all is well! (Hopefully, E. Jensen killed the mesquito!)

Our ward is AWESOME! We've got tons of military folks in our ward - of which about 250 are active and come on Sundays - which is much different from the normal 20-60 on Sundays where I was serving before.

We had a nice fast and testimony meeting and we forgot that it was (fast & testimony Sunday) until AFTER we had some breakfast!! Oops! I had already fasted the week before - so it's all good! Other than those changes, the accent is still somewhat strong in my area and there are a lot more people from foreign countries here too!!

Oh and by-the-way for all those boys reading this. The port in my area here holds the East Coast fleet of the Navy and the Airforce ships it's.....AWESOME - WOOHOO!!

Yeah - I'm a guy and it's epic! I'll see if I can take a pic of the carriers and other ships later (it's a military installation so I'm not sure....)

Well, I think that's about it!

Family, I hope and pray you are all doing well and that y'all write me soon. I'm looking forward to it!

Your son and Missionary called of God,

E. Richards

Elder Richards
Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints