Sunday, June 3, 2012

More on the Mission and..............TRANSFERS


Beautiful sunset off of Virginia!

Aerial view of Downtown Norfolk, Virginia

Panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean off of Virginia

All does rain in other places besides Washington State!
Things are going well. I'm NOT getting transferred. I'm staying in Norfolk, VA so it's ALL good. I was hoping to stay a while longer and serve. We're making more changes to our ward mission plan here and are in the process of calling new ward missionaries. Getting the support from the Saints is AWESOME and I plan on doing much of it when I return home - to keep me busy in my spare time. So out, the support is coming.

My companion and I are doing well. We're trying to get back on track with lot's of things and get moving with our work in the ward. We're going to be working a lot today, with moving and also teaching Daniel. He will be moving back to Tennessee due to some personal family matters. Tonight may be our last time teaching him; but we're going to be writing him a lot. I hope he joins the Church. He told me last night that a lot of the things in The Book of Mormon are more relevant to our time now than anything else and I thought that was AWESOME.

We're getting a new district leadcr this coming Thursday. I'm also hopefully getting a new chair for my study........and......this week I may be getting the last major repair to my bike - so hopefully that will be out-of-the way for a while. I decided to name my bike Flo after the girl from the Progressive Insurance commercials...or Natcho...because it's orange........any ideas would be helpful! HaHa!

Anyway, things are going  well lately. We watched "17 Miracles" yesterday and it was awesome. Everyone should watch it - it's great!

That's all about me; we're going to be working much smarter and picking up old pieces of old missionaries and putting them back together.......! HaHa!

Thanks for all you do. Love you all!

Elder Richards
of Latter Day Saints

Enjoy the pictures!

P.S. Everyone....this coming Saturday, June 9th is Elder Richards' birthday. PLEASE write  him a short note on his email which is  Just a quick note to let him know he isn't forgotten!  Thanks Everyone!  Susan

Current District in Norfolk, VA

WILDlife in Virginia!

More wildlife....they sure have FAT cardinals!

Great family in Virginia
Elder Richards, Elder Carlson

Down on the beach at Norfolk, VA