Monday, February 7, 2011

More News from our Missionary!

Hey Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the emails and packages! Things are going well. One of my zone leaders and I cleaned our apartment! (The people who lived here before really stank!) We washed the walls and I spread baking soda on the carpet and then vacuumed and now it doesn't smell so bad. Life is definitely different when you are living without your parents and with a room mate - but it's not bad! My companion is doing well. We share our food and such so there isn't any contention. That's my goal - to not have any contention. :-) I offer my services and help to my fellow missionaries when needed and always tell them that I'm here for them.

Our investigator Charles (baptist preacher) testifies of the Book of Mormon, except he doesn't want to get baptized. He's afraid of leaving all the culture and his friends of his church behind. He knows the Book of Mormon is true. I just pray that we will be able to progress with him. He's a great person - very nice!

I'm glad that you guys are doing so well!! It really makes me feel so good and really helps my confidence when I hear good things are going on.

Our ward mission leader here is encouraging members to create a profile on The Church has a goal to reach 100,000 member profiles on the site. Be sure you create a profile on there and encourage everyone else to also. It's missionary work too!! Here is Nick's Profile on -

Here in Virginia there are a LOT of Hispanic people and we usually end up speaking Spanish to them; or at least trying! Ha! Ha! We've got one sister missionary, Hermosa Coweley and we are trying to learn Spanish from her - it's fun!

I'm sorry that today I forgot my camera. I was going to hook it up to the computer and send pics through the email. I'll do it next week!

Last night, my companion and I were driving down the road and a female deer ran into the side of our car (which was going 40 mph). The deer ran full-sprint into us. We are OK and so is the car (not a scratch on it or even a dent!). Ha! Ha! As for the deer, it ran off and might need a giant bottle of ibuprofen...LOL!

Another exciting incident this past week. Elder Carpenter and I got lost out in the woods on Saturday, while on bikes. I'll tell more about that later in a letter that I'm sending! LOL!

Well, I have to go, time is running out on the computer, but know that I love you and dad and am so thankful that you pray for us and put our names in the temple.

Also, I got the comforter! :-) and also the box of goodies and the letters from your FHE. Tell everyone a big thanks!

Well, I love you and also pray for you and dad! Thanks!

Love, Elder Richards