Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Transfer Calls!!!!

SURPRISE!!!....I'm staying in Norfolk, VA....Hahahaha!!! It's all good! My companion E. Carlson is being moved to Goochland- just west of Richmond.

I'm going to be serving with E. Zajak (I think that's how you spell his name). He lived here before when I first got here - with all the chaos that was going on before. He's coming back to serve with me in the Norfolk 1st he will have served in both areas in Norfolk.

This last week we've been staying in until we have an appointment. We're updating our area map and making some new changes. Now that it's getting into the 80's we're going out more. We've had tons of heat advisories lately....but it's all good.

I gave a ride to some little kids of one of our members and ran all over the yard like crazy! That night we taught someone struggling with addiction recovery and in trusting in God. The lesson went well and we're going to be checking in with them from time to time. Also, the amount of sweat I've had in the past five days has been crazy! Hahahahaha!

We've also been able to meet more with our less-active members and others during the hottest part of the day - to see how they are doing. Our members are AWESOME! People here have such a different understanding of the gospel then others do....I mean when it comes to action. One of our members is under house arrest due to complicated reasons but as we were visiting him - he is reading his scriptures, Preach My Gospel and also a biography of Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley. He is still strong in the faith; wanting to come to church - but unable to at this time.

We were also trying to make some fun out of our hot day by riding on the slanted surface under the road because of the breeze and the shade there and it being funnnnnn!  Hahaha!

Our investigators are a bit quiet but we're getting places with them and we're going to start setting them for baptism for this I'll let y'all know how that's going.

Yesterday (Monday) I didn't check my e-mail. Sorry...We were out fishing at the Ocean View fishing pier and we were trying to catch some grub. It was nice out but super windy and I didn't really get to catch any crabs either.. :/ but it's all good and it was really fun!

Things have been going good. I'm looking forward to this Thursday when I see my new companion and we get moving! I'm stoked to get baptisms - hopefully this month and more in our ward this year. I've officially been here for 6 months and this next transfer will be 7 1/2 and I'm hoping to be here for a while still. It's hard and grueling work to be here in the city with a tough area, but it's WORTH the reward....that's what I live for. It feels good to see the fruits of my labors (if only in a small way).

My bike is hopefully going in today for repairs...if not..I'll try these next couple of's all good and I can still ride it.

Also, we're experiencing some thunder and possibly some rain today so that means I'm gettin soaked! WOOHOO!

In my studying I JUST realized that James and John were the brothers of the bible dictionary. I LOVE to read the definitions of the apostles and the epistles of them. That's what I've been studying lately.

Well, I LOVE you all! I hope y'alls week is going well.

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints