Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello, This is Elder Richards - 3 October 2011

Hey Everyone!

This is the group I just left in Lawrenceville, Virginia!    Great Elders!!!

Just thought I would tell of some interesting experiences in my new district lately. Due to the leadership training that my companion was called out to I went and stayed with some Elders in my new district in an area called Deep Creek for about 4 days and it was awesome!

The first day we got moving and went to see some appointments. We were soaked to the bone in a big rain storm and in case you're wondering what Elders do in a rain storm, they keep going to their appointments and let the air dry them off. it was fun!

In the next few Elder's bike got a flat, so I carried his bike to the gas station and we attempted to fill it up and before we knew it - the inner tube was sticking 2 inches out of the rim! I yelled WHOA WHOA ELDER STOP..STOP! and then BOOOOOOOM and since we were in a part of town where there are bars on the windows and doors of the stores .... I was expecting to hear return gun fire....luckily we didn't get any! We had a great laugh (haha!) and I proceeded to carry his bike to the store. On the way, we were crossing the street and we could see a truck off in the distance that was far enough away that we could go ahead and cross (we thought!). As soon as I got half-way across carrying the bike, I heard a very loud burst of a turbo-charged truck engine speeding towards me at what was far beyond the speed limit!!!  By the time I got to the sidewalk and looked back at the other Elders - the truck went screaming by at @ 60-80 mile per hour.

Later that day we rode to the apartment and beat our member who was taking the other Elder home with his bike and we ended up getting soaked again and waiting in the rain for them to show up...Haha!

The next day we went to teach an older lady and during the lesson her dog was sleeping. I went to pet the dog and it just started barking and trying to bite me.....out of nowhere! I almost "bit the dust" but it's all good!

The day after that we were in our kitchen and we had this HUGE bug just chilling on the wall and I said to the other missionary "don't move" - and of course he didn't know why. I took a cake mix box and in one swoop (like a Ninja) smashed that bug on the wall. As I did so the other Elder just flipped out!

Oh the joy of the adventures on exchanges and the sweet satisfaction of not only smashing a giant bug but also scaring the missionary I was next to. Haha...oh the joy!! :-)

Now for the bike story....I found a bike frame of a T.R.E.K. in the Elder's closet and it had a ton of things missing but it has a very well built body and the gear changers were in great condition. The Elders there let me have it. The last day I was in Deep Creek (after my back tire fell off while crossing the highway) we got the bike rebuilt at a very good bike shop! The owner looked at it, felt the frame with his hand for about 2 seconds and then gave me an estimate on it and that was it! He is a man who has had around 40-60 years of biking under his belt. In a day when there were no big brand name bikes (or bike shops) in the states and you just had to build your own bike. He is a master bike builder - all while listening to classical music!!   I didn't get out of there until I placed a Book of Mormon in his hands!!! Yeah!! So I'm good to go and we're doing great!

I hope that everyone got some kick's and giggles out of my adventures and that everyone has a very good week after what was mentioned in General Conference.

I LOVE you all!

Our address is:

617 Dunedin Rd., Apt. #A
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

old Diamond Back Bike

New T.R.E.K. orange bike.....!