Monday, June 20, 2011

News from the Mission

Hey family!

Now that things are back on track - things are going much smoother - except that transfers are right around the corner - Haha!

That's great to hear that Sis. Fine is just starting to leave for the field!

So I got the packages and thank you TONS for the stuff, HUGE LIFE SAVOR!

So recently we've set someone for baptism and he's set for the 7th of July - BUT he has to marry his fiance first and then he can get baptized. But it's AWESOME! To see him grow and realize the gospel is good. I hope that it continues to take root in him.

Recently Elder Carter and I have been teaching a family of 5. The mother and one of the daughters are atheist....but they seem REALLY open about the things we're teaching. They always give us hugs and sometimes nearly choke us - haha! - but it's all good! Seeing how other families live and the environment in their homes has made me appreciate the time that I lived at home w/o the influence of R-rated movies and other "worldly" things. I'm glad to have been sheltered.

Today we're going to the Richmond Zoo and taking lots of pics! So I'll send them next week or have a member do it for me. It's good to hear that everyone is doing well.

AMY - don't you like the east coast?....the time change and all?'s Awesome...woohoo!

Well I've got to go, sorry my email is kind of dorkish. I don't have that much time left....but I love y'all.

E. Richards

p.s. hey mom..

2 Ne. 32:8-9     D&C 109:21 and Moroni 6:8      Love y'all!