Monday, August 8, 2011

TRANSFERS - 8 Aug. 2011

HEY- I was really glad to hear from y'all. I hope your travels are going to be fun Dad. I, too enjoy talking about life and the gospel with you both!

WELL....I'm staying in Lawrenceville and so is E. Zollinger. We are UBER stoked about staying. We're going to be getting some boys on missions, some people baptized, some less-actives active and we're also going on a NEW DIET - whoo! hoo! I'll be sending you the medical stuff with some of my mission stuff (I'm trying to downsize)!

Haha! now the good stuff!

So today, after emails, we're going fishing at a members' house in South Hill. We're working with trying to get more people active. We have someone who has been smoking for a while and from my understanding, true conversion is actually mastering the act in our daily lives. We need to be ACTING on our revelation and doing these things.

Heavenly Father is sending us some 'sweet goodness' but if we don't ACT on those things then He get's all bummed out and then tries again in a different way. By acting on the inspiration we get from Him we are showing Him that we hear His promptings and are trying to do His will.

This last week we've been correcting doctrinal questions we get a lot of (such as questions about angels and little children) and trying to stay more focused on things pertaining to the law of chastity and other teachings. We sure seem to get a lot of questions that don't even relate to the principles of the gospel too!

I'm really glad to hear things are going well. I love y'all and hope to hear from y'all soon! Thanks for being proud of me. It really means alot!

I'm glad your both my parents; it means a lot to me too!

Love you! Your son,

E. Richards