Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Family!

Hey Everyone!

Things here in Glen Allen are going great! We're having some success and we're slowly getting somewhere with the work. When I came here we really didn't have any investigators other than Vince and Kay and they are doing great!

We have been tracting lately around our appointments and have had great success. I think tracting is good the way we use it today compared to how it use to be. Sometimes if we feel inspired to see someone and go there and nobody is home - it's because the Lord knows there is someone there for us to meet other than our original appointment - or an experience that is meant to help us I like it! We just recently found a Cambodian man last week that said he'd read The Book of Mormon - so after emailing we're going to deliver a Book of Mormon to him in Cambodian, that way he will understand it better.

As far as bikes go...I have been helping my new companion repair his. It's a bit rusted so hopefully we'll get some spare parts here soon to get his ride running smoother. Mom, it's great to hear that your biking! I hope your crash wasn't too bad. My companion, the other day crashed on a wet road and got scraped up a little and I slid also, but caught myself for the 1st time...Haha! but it's all good!

So lately, I'm putting all of the notes and notebooks I have into my study save space. It's nice to  save space and be done with all the papers flying around my luggage. I hope to be sending a few more things home soon...(letters, mission newsletters, etc..) (As long as he keeps the bedbugs there in Virginia I'm fine with that - if not we're prepared with bedbug juice here!)

Also, I'm really stoked to vote this year! If you could, I would love to get things started with the voting so I can give my 2 cents. I'm also creating a list of things to work on when I get home - that way I won't have any chill time to sit on my butt doing nothing. If there are any job opportunities available be sure to tell them when I get home. I would LOVE to start working.

Anyway, lately I've also been working on role plays with my companion and with keeping our place clean...since the bedbugs have been everywhere. So we're slowly working on it!!

Right now I'm in Chapter 2 of "Preach My Gospel" brushing up on my study skills. To make sure I get things organized when I go back and refer to my notes and journal in the future. Other than that things are going great!

Sorry I don't have any pics this week. We're still getting things organized and finished with our apartment and with the area....but I will send pics soon.

I LOVE y'all!

QUOTE: "Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God at His disposition and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts."

Enjoy this newest message....spread the word of God!!!!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints