Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A week of great ALARM and great EXCITEMENT!

So this past week has been verrrrrrrry interesting! We had interviews with our Mission President. Our rides for Zone Conference got confused and we ALMOST didn't have one; so we planned out a route to bike to Virginia Beach from Norfolk; BUT we got a ride at the last second! Haha!

We got lost on the city bus transit system and ended up leaving our area. So as we were waiting for a bus we taught some people along the way clear over in the Virginia Beach zone! After we had waited for a while for the bus - as it was pulling up - we saw that it  had a FULL bike rack - soooooo we decided to catch the bus at the light rail station. It was a 2-3 mile bike ride and we ended up arriving there at the same time that the bus got there. The bus driver had this really puzzled look on his 'haven't I seen you guys before'! Hahahahaha! We were sweating BULLETS that was great!.....but alas! No luck with that bus either, so we just rode home.  I also got my bike fixed a bit!

Our investigator is progressing.....and his girlfriend is somewhat interested.

I almost got KILLED by a car on if any of you ever had the thought to pray for my safety that day.......THANK YOU! I did have a few scrapes here and there but I'm OK....It's all good!

(Don wrote him: Did you fall? Did you get hurt by the bus? Did the driver stop to see if you were okay?????)
(His reply: Uhhhh just my arm and shin got scraped up. My  head is intact; the driver of the car came within a foot of hitting me before they stopped. They got out and said 'I just felt that I needed to stop." I said in a delighted way "Thanks...I'm REALLY glad you did." I will say, at the time I was more worried about my sock that got torn up big time than I was with myself. Haha!)

My companion even said "You handled that way better than I would have. I would be crying right now." Haha! It's all good! No Worries...It's all good! My companion gave me a blessing in the park nearby. Just please pray that I remain focused on what I'm doing and protected as I ride PLEASE.

Don then wrote:
"Remember you are wearing the armor of God. Please be careful. I'm glad you are OK and that you got a blessing. WE pray for you EVERY day plus about 13 million + members!"

Elder Richards responded to his dad: Thanks, I LOVE you Dad! Your the man! Be safe while you're gone too.

(I sure hope Don and I can get through this mission without having heart attacks!)

More news:

So Norfolk might be changed a bit this next week. There might be some changes made to the areas of Norfolk 1st & 2nd Wards. All of us missionaries here have either served here for 6 months or more (E. Richards has now been there for 7 1/2 months) and the other two Elders are here for their 2nd time on their missions. Chances are I might be transferred, but who knows. We'll find out this next Sunday.

My studies this week have been sweet! I'm learning to put trust in the Lord and relying on Him to make the changes that I can't make. Also learning about how I can apply that trust in my life,

In working with people..what I'll usually do is ask a person about what problems they may be having in life....then I'll ask..."what is usually associated with that behavior?"....i.e. drugs, crime, crummy environment, etc...(these are the major things mentioned) Asking these things usually helps to reveal to us what they need to know about to make better choices in their lives. In return we try to teach them about repentance and show them how that can help their lives be better. We will also talk about how to have hope, faith and Charity and helping them to see how those qualities will ultimately help them in their lives to be happier. So I'm learning how to ask more inspired questions with our investigators and it's WORKING!! Yeah!!  This really helps us to narrow things down for understanding them and if they are going to want to continue with us teaching them or not.

BTW if you were watching the media about Gov. Romney in Norfolk and if you happened to see 2 confused missionaries in white shirts and ties riding in the streets...THAT WAS US....HAHAH! We  had no idea what was going on. We were on our way to get my bike fixed in Portsmouth and we had no idea that they were coming to Norfolk.....HAHA....Plus we were it's all good!

Anyway...that's been my week so far. It's been crazy and really fun all at the same time. I hope everyone enjoys their week.....this week!

I LOVE you all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

P.S. I would also like to extend my thanks to all of you who pray for our missionary and all the other missionaries from our ward. It helps a TON!!