Saturday, December 25, 2010

Letter to Dad - Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010

hey dad! sorry that i havent been writing back. the MTC is super busy! we have missionaries going all over the world! i've heard languages that ive never heard before and all sorts of cool things that go on all day!

one missionary told me that letters are like your life. i didn't understand that until i got a letter through dear elder. i just cried when i read it, thanks for all the packages! there GREAT i'm opening one per day just to keep the mood up.

my companion is ok, were getting along one step at a time.

some days in the MTC are hard and some days are ok and then some are awesome days, the food here is good but it's nothing like home.
my resident mates are really nice, so if i need anything then i'll get help.
we went to the temple today but it's been closed so we just took pictures, i'll send them to you soon, i hope all is well!
my P day is every wednesday just in case your wondering. the pictures from home really helped! ALOT. I'm begining to understand how significant we are. we are all enlisted, we two thousand stripling warriors and off to battle we will go! i love you! and i'll be sending you letters too. thanks for the prayers, and thanks for praying for me. i really need it. :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Letter

Don and I are so excited to have Nick on his mission. I will be trying to add parts from his letters so that everyone can enjoy his mission along with all of us.

Wednesday, 22 Dec. 2010
hey mom. thanks for writing through dear elder. it's nice to get mail in the box, i can only check my email every wednesday, on my p-day. be sure to tell everyone to email me through dear elder because i've only got a time limit i can write emails. thanks for all the gifts, the letters are awesome, i'm opening one per day and waiting for saturday to open the other stuff though, the temple is closed so we just go on walks. but it's nice to see outside, and the cooking here isn't as good as yours. i miss youir cooking. i miss youir faces, be sure to send me alot of pictures of everyone, i love you all and miss everyone. i'll write in the mail. (a personal letter for everyone) :) well i've got to go. my time is about to run out, it's WAY busy here. sorry if i havnt written lately i've really wanted to. i love you so much! i miss our hugs!
your son
nicholas richards