Wednesday, June 29, 2011

News from the Mission

Hey Dad...
In regards to our Leadership Training we just had...we listened to the Mission President and the assistants and a few other missionaries and choice people in the mission. They spoke about how we can improve our abilities on how to do missionary work. They taught us how to listen and how to reflect back the conversation we have with the investigator so that we can make sure that we understood what they were saying.

It really helps us to learn to be leaders and better missionaries all around. It is a type of evaluation because during the roleplays you have a coach telling you what you did right and wrong, so it's all good and beneficial.

The scriptures that I gave you were ones that came from a Mormon Message video called "The Voice of the Spirit". Awesome message - thought you might really like that.

So how are the girls doing?

BTW I'm getting transferred to Lawrenceville, VA and I'll let you know what the address is by a member when I get there, if I can. Lawrenceville is the next area over to the left of Wakefield, so I'm still in the country. I'll be step-training (polishing & refining) a missionary that came in last transfer. I can't really spell his name - so I'll let you know soon. I hope to be able to perform this new responsibility right and love the times ahead.

Hey Mom...
This past week has been a bit exciting and rough at the same time. I'll tell you more in my letter home later.

I'm getting a little nervous because I'm getting transferred to Lawrenceville. I'm training a newer missionary and I'll be the Senior companion this time; so I really need your blessings and prayers because I'm super nervous about it.

Other than that, the stress from the branch is really getting to me; all the drama and chaos is making me kind of glad that I'm moving on and I also feel that it's good that I'm moving so I don't get stale as a missionary. In this new position I'll be driving so I may need to get an eye exam.

I look forward to being settled into my new area soon because you know that moving is a big thing I have trouble with; but ITS ALL GOOD! Because I'm not moving too far, hopefully this move will go fast.

I hope to hear more about how the family is doing and how things are going. I LOVE you all and I'll be sending pics next time I can get my camera charged.

Your son

E. Richards

P.S. Sorry, but I didn't get the attachment last week that you sent.

If you could put my name into the temple that would be great. It would sure help a TON so that I can be great friends with my new companion and have charity for him.

I pray for y'all always!!

E. Richards

Nick is being transferred this week to a town called Lawrenceville, VA. He won't get to his new area until Thursday. Hopefully when he emails us on Monday (4th or 5th) or Tuesday he will have his new address for us. In the mean time, his email address never changes and/or you can always send things to him through the Mission Home address. I'll post his new mailing address as soon as I get it.

Susan :-)