Wednesday, August 31, 2011

29 August 2011 - After the Storms!

Hey Everyone!

Things are going well. We just now got the power back on here in Lawrenceville - but we'll see if it's back on in our apartment later.

So....the earthquake hit us. Took a few trees down and shook the hairs on the back of my neck! haha! it was fun! (Yeah - right!)

As to the hurricane - It hit Lawrenceville's infrastructure hard and some things will need to be rebuilt - but we're doing alright. We (my companion and I) got kind of rebuked a bit by our zone leaders because we were out working yesterday (on the Sabbath) helping branch members with fallen trees in their yards and with power-lines down. We lost a ton of communication with our leadership, but our branch members have been checking up on us. We finally received communication again and everything is good. I repented for skipping my study and am trying to humble myself.

Lucky it didn't hit their house!

We LOVE giving service!

(The members out in the mission field sure appreciate the help the Elders are to them! Don and I have spoken with a number of them in Virginia and it's wonderful to hear of the service our missionaries give to the people in the areas they serve in.)

So yeah, we're alright. We did lose our baptismal dates with our investigators though. We had to tell them to repent and stop drinking. It's so sad that when someone doesn't repent they can't feel the love of Christ and they don't know what to do - and then believe that religion isn't worth we're back at square 1 haha!....but IT'S ALL GOOD!

Elder Zollinger and I are doing in the apartment with candles is great and reading through the Old Testament was great too!

Sorry I don't have much to say at the moment but we're doing great! We've been driving each other nuts in the apartment and just trying to make sure that all our members are fine.

I hope everyone is ok. Mom thanks for the scriptures and Dad - thanks for the awesome facts and NOPE I'm not ever going to get used to this rain! haha!

Girls - be sure to write me (I'm going through mail drought - c'mon!!) Love y'all.

Friends and 5th branch president! I hope y'all are ok. I hope things are going great and that TONS of singles are getting married. (C'mon guys - President Monson already said it this last conference!)

Your Son,
Your missionary and Friend!

Elder Richards
Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints