Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello from Chester, Virginia - Written 13 Sep. 2011

Hey Everyone!                                                         14 Sep. 2011

Thanks for the emails! I'm really glad to hear from all of you!

This last week has been great! My companion and I started working a bit harder on things and were blessed with 6 new investigators in 1 hour!!! Praise the Lord!!! Yeah!

Right now I'm in Chester, Virginia with our zone leaders. We had a mission conference with the Area Seventy over the missionary department. It was great to hear about the new training programs for the new missionaries and for the seasoned ones too. It was GREAT that he (Area Seventy) took the time to meet us all personally.

In this past year, my experiences with different church leaders has been INCREDIBLE! FIRST with Elder Oaks, when he took the time to have a conversation with all of us and everyone got to meet him and talk with him. SECOND in the MTC our Branch President took the time to come into our meeting as a district and kneeling down, he put on an old blue apron and beginning on one end of the room he began to polish all of our shoes (It reminded me of the Savior as he washed the feet of his servants) - it was very EMOTIONAL. And THIRD, our meeting with Elder Evans of the Seventy, meeting with each of us, talking with us - asking where we were from and how we're doing. And last but NOT least, Pres. Perry, for listening first and then asking questions and meeting the needs of each of us missionaries!!!!! (Nick absolutely LOVES his mission president!!)

Those are all traits of true disciples of Christ - and the question I ask anyone who is reading this is...what traits do you have that are Christlike?...and how can you share those qualities with others to bless their lives and bring them closer to Christ?

Last night we met with our zone leader's bishop and listened to him give a lesson to his YSA (Young Single Adults) about how to really get a great experience reading The Book of Mormon; starting from Mormon and his perspective. It was very good! Some questions were: Why is The Book of Mormon in the order that it is in? Mostly chronological until the end, and why does he include more of Alma than any other prophet? Just some interesting things to think about.

It's really great to travel around Virginia and get many views of so many people's testimonies and how their testimony has affected their lives.

We've been doing great; but we're getting a bit nervous about transfer calls this coming Sunday, but it's all good, things will be alright!!!!

As far as different foods go....really the only thing that I have really enjoyed is.....EVERYTHING! I haven't had a HUGE variety of foods, but from what I've had - it's all really good---grits and collard greens....:-)

It's so good to hear from everyone and knowing that everyone is asking about me. Just know that as time goes on I am slowly converted more to the gospel through the scriptures and the guidance of the Spirit and through studying "Preach My Gospel".

Things are going well!

And SISTERS THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your emails! I'll try and get better at the whole letter writing thing on p-days! :-)

I love you all and I hope that today is the best day of your week!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints