Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Update!

Hey Family,                                                                 9 October 2012

Elders in Glen Allen, VA
Thanks for the recent news. Yeah, the hills in Glen Allen are really large and very gradual as you make your way towards Richmond. If your driving on Monument Ave. one of the hills we go down is on a road called "Glenside Dr." It's near where Glenside meets Forest Ave.

This week has been interesting. It's been really slow with investigators - almost none. As it has started getting cold - I realized that I forgot my gloves and earmuffs in Norfolk; so I got some gloves at the store but I'm still looking for something to cover my ears.

Conference was EPIC! I loved all the talks given in Conference. As I've gotten older I have gone from 'falling asleep' to 'looking at the screen and taking notes as fast as I can'. Haha!

The talk from Elder Holland was 90% the same from when he addressed us in the MTC. One missionary made the comment that he started us with the talk and now was finishing it with his Conference talk. Haha! I loved that talk! It's one of my favorites! How he reminds us that those who have served missions need to know the importance of staying active in the church and remaining true to our covenants when we have already started our journey to follow the Savior. I LOVED the line that says "DID YOU LOVE ME" picturing in my mind standing at the judgement bar and God saying that to me!  When we were in the MTC Elder Holland my own words...quote "DO YOU LOVE HIM?"......once you follow him you can never go back...not to your old life. Since then I have always remembered that. That has always been with me and I hope and have planned to stay true to it.

As far as this week is going, it's still slow but we're working on it. Hopefully, we can get more people this week. I hope we can find those who are seeking the truth or those who want to improve their life.

Loaded up!

My bike is doing good. Everything seems to be working well and my jacket, as with everything is holding up okay. I might need some new slacks when I get back.....but it's all good! I don't have any holes in them yet.

Here are pictures of the bike I'm sending to dad:

I hope y'all have a great week.

I love y'all.

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints