Thursday, October 18, 2012

A New Week....A New Day!

Hey Family!                                                             Monday, October 15. 2012


Nick's Companion

Thanks Mom and Dad for your e-mails! I really needed them today..(More on that in a sec).

So it's GREAT hearing that Alex Mallory is serving a mission! You know, I was just thinking about him yesterday and the conversations we used to have in the car when I gave him rides to places. I was hoping that he would serve a mission. That's Awesome!

That's great to hear that it finally started raining in Washington. From what you said Mom, I can just see Dad  jumping around and clicking his heels in the air. Like a Welshman. Haha. Thanks for the thought.
It's also good to hear that the Family History class is getting more populated lately. I hope to immerse myself in helping y'all when I get back.

I think that Family history work is just one activity of many to give us hope and to eventually help us see who we really are, our true identity. So I can't wait to learn more. Plus, I've been making a list of things to get involved in - in different areas of life, to stay productive. Family History is one of them.

Mom: I hope you have someone driving you to the eye doctor. It reminds me of when I went to the doctor with Josh Brazil to get his lasik eye surgery. I watched intently at the monitor as the process was taking place. On the car ride home he fell asleep like a light bulb. Haha! So I just turned the radio down and drove smoothly so he could get his rest. So in other words....Be safe Mom. I love you! :-)

Well dad: on your birthday...I hope you enjoy the little things in life.I'm sure as you remember on your mission. Here on my b-day things are busy to say the least but it's nice to stop and think about the things I'm grateful for. Like a nice bed and a good pillow to rest my head, a good book to read (approved missionary literature) :-), food and a working bike. Bur most importantly Family! Good news from home and people to share my thoughts with. No matter the distance and the way to communicate.

I hope you enjoy your birthday Dad. I will celebrate with you, plus I'll mark my calendar as that also being the day you escorted me through the Temple.....And I will ALWAYS remember that! I love you dad! Thanks for being good to us kids and to mom! :-)

I'll get the bike here as soon as I can, and a box and get all the measurements to you soon!!!

Tell Steve Fine I said "hello" and am expecting to have a good visit with him. He's awesome! I'm grateful he put up with my lazy personality at the time haha!

You know Mom the scripture you sent is similar to the study I had today and I included it in my notes. On how to better myself as an individual. I like how often we find ourselves studying the same things at the same time..

I hope to vote this year. But now I'm registered to vote in Virginia. My residency was cancelled in Washington....but I got on the ball and I'm hoping to vote really soon! :-)

So this last week wasn't very productive at all. In fact the opposite of success. However, the good that came out of it was we did talk to some wonderful women who were asking about Mitt Romney and what he believed. As you can imagine we only spoke about religion. Haha!

All of our investigators aren't progressing or we don't hear from them. Some just want us to 'hang out'; but I'm not having it! I didn't just come out here to "hang out"! So we're working on improving things here and trying to get things going. PLUS on the bright side, our ward members are asking for supplies to share the gospel and our exchange calendar is full for October. AND we're getting fed! Haha!

So in other's ALL GOOD! I remember what the Savior told Peter, "I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not." And now he does that even for all of us!

Family: I love you all and look to your happiness and love and support. I hope to hear all the good news that comes this week to all of you and all the fun adventures you're all having.

P.S. Dad...I'm saving my e-mails after my mission so I can remember all the references you made to yours...:-)

Another Beautiful sky from Virginia!

Love you all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints