Friday, March 9, 2012

Catch Up Day!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while....I'll be sharing Elder Richard's last 2 emails. ENJOY!

February 28, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Things here are going better than last week; we're getting things worked out.

Today we were teaching a member in the scriptures about Prayer from Ether 3:2-5 on how the Brother of Jared took responsibility of how things were going; how he was accountable to God on what he had done. Those are the words of his prayer and from verses 6-13 are the events that happened because he was righteous. It is a great thing to see such a wonderful exaple of righteousness from chapters 1-3. Kind of cool and interesting to study up on. I LOVE the scriptures a TON! We also taught about the Parable of the Sower in Matt.13 today. My companion brought up a great point to relate it to a testimony; so something to look at soon in my future studies.

Sooooo things have been tough - one of the Elders threw up and I stayed up and took care of him the other night; and got, for the first time, to sleep in. I was up till about 4 a.m. It was tough on one of my companions who has a phobia about getting sick - so that's what we have had to work with this week! :-(

Also, we're working with him and our companionship to start a private pilot program to help with anxiety, stress and fear. President Perry has given us the go-ahead to use the 12-week training program and the 12-step of addiction program to work on these things that missionaries go through.

We're going to test it out and see where it goes. Taking notes and reporting to the Mission President and the counselors in the mission; and hopefully, it will be a help for future missionaries.

So that's the exciting things this week, sorry not much to report; but it's all good. That and the USS Enterprise tour again! :-)

Enjoy this video!

I love you both and the WHOLE family!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

Tuesday, March 6, 2012     TRANSFERS

Hey everyone! Here are some updates; one of my companions had to be sent home (medically discharged) so he's fine. He has served a great mission. I had the opportunity to speak with his father over the phone and his family is amazing! He also called us the other day, with our Mission President's permission (I told him he should if he had the chance) and it really surprised us! He's doing great back home in SLC - a.k.a. Zion - haha!

Our teaching pool is almost empty; we're having to start all over - but it's all good. Things will get much better!

So on Saturday night we got a phone call from the Mission home and we thought it was our companion - who may have missed his flight; but it was our Mission President calling for me and he asked me to do him a favor. I said sure and he said....'Would you be willing to train a new missionary?' At that point, my heart skipped about 5 beats, but I said sure. Which brings me back to a memory I had back in the Olympia 5th branch - that I should always accept every calling. Back then I never felt qualified but I learned a lot from each of those callings and have grown the way God has wanted me to. It's been amazing to see how far I've come. So this coming Thursday, (March 8th) I'll be picking up my new companion at transfers and will be training him in Norfolk, VA for 12 weeks. Hopefully he'll learn something from me! HAHA! The funny thing was that President Perry said my name was up on the board for 2 weeks for the decision to be made! ?????

Well, we still hear gunshots in this area a lot. The most recent ones occurred just about 1-2 miles outside our apartment. I pray that my new companion fresh from the MTC doesn't get scared! I hope I can teach him well. If you'll (you all) would pray that we don't get injured or shot.....It hasn't been that big of a worry for me because it usually happens when we're in at night. We're doing good and there are areas I won't go to at certain times of the day. (PLEASE EVERYONE PRAY FOR HIS SAFETY!!!!!)

I was STOKED to get that package (finally!) the other day! We were ALL STOKED to see all the goodies in the bag. ALSO, tell Cory that I LOVE that back-pack! It will be well used in my missionary work. THANK YOU!

Regarding the quote from "Stand for Something" by Pres. Hinckley - it was amazing! It really hit me, how important living the gospel is - that it is really who we are! It reminds me of "Preach My Gospel" (or PMG) on page 117 of Chapter 6 on that page. Read it's great!
I was watching this video when I really felt that God truly loves me when I let Him help me. I need to allow Him to do those things for me, even though I know He can't force me to do certain things. I have to BE the one willing to allow Him to help me. At that moment I felt the Spirit confirm to me that that is true. It's hard to describe what I feel; that's why everyone needs to experience it for themselves so THEY will understand how the Spirit feels also.
I hope you all enjoy this illustration about The Book of Mormon. It brings a great view of how these things are right; how they are true and how the Lord addresses people to their own needs and to their understanding.

I testify that the Lord loves us all. I have felt all of your love through the Spirit and the Lord brings into my mind's eye your faces and the great past (of growing up). He is aware of us and I know that He is real As I have searched through the scriptures and immersed myself in His ways (living the gospel) I have been greatly blessed because of it. It is the path I choose for the rest of my life. I CHOOSE CHRIST!

I love you all. I love reading your emails and all the things the Lord is blessing you with.

P.S. Also I'm listening to your voice recordings Dad over and over again. You should leave more and LONGER ones - they're AWESOME!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

Elder Richards