Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mission Update

December 2011
Elder Richards - Front Row - 4th from our right. RED TIE!
So good to see his smiling face!

I found this picture on the facebook page for the Virginia Richmond mission. Sis. Perry takes a lot of pictures and then posts them on there! It's great to see what is going on. ENJOY!

Hey Everyone!                                                               Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Today is a very nice and sunny day. Warm weather and a nice bike ride for the day.

So we just had transfer calls come and I'm staying and my "greenie" companion is leaving to go to Richmond. Lately we're getting much more out of our work than before. Our investigators are slowly progressing. Also, we're doing pretty good when it comes to safety! (They better be safe!)

Yesterday I got a flat while riding under the freeway and had to carry my bike to the gas station and pump up my tire...but it's all good! I still really enjoy riding my bike. I hope to take it home with me at the end of my mission. I have this little pouch that is attached to the bottom of my seat that has an extra tube and some patch equipment and I've also got a small bike pump on my frame, so I'm set to go if I have a flat, that way I don't have to go back to the apartment in the middle of the day.

Lately, we didn't think we were getting anywhere with our teaching pool until last night when we discovered that our investigators are still reading The Book of Mormon and still have an interest. Hopefully we're going to be getting somewhere with all of this - during this next transfer.

Our ward has been getting better and we're also getting somewhere with our bishop and getting the trust back even more.

Yesterday (Monday) we sat in on a World Religions class and answered questions from high school students. It was really fun and informative. I would LOVE to do it again!

We have a new Senior couple in our ward from Florida. They are amazing! They are going to be helping out with our less active work in the ward and with callings also. They helped us out the other day when I got sick (which I'm in recovery for :-( but it's all good!). Because of being sick we were at the store and we found some (less active) members there that expressed a desire to come back to church being sick was worth it! :-) It's all good!

I hope that everyone is doing good. I can't wait for the temple when I get back home! It's going to be sweet! I hope everyone enjoys this week......even when there is sun in Washington!

I love you all!......and remember, IT'S ALL GOOD!  :-)

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints