Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey Everyone!

If anyone ever still reads this stuff (...don't mind the attitude...I'm really hungry and tired and have NO letters!)

So this week we've been just contacting all of our less actives and recent converts and working to do more service for members and investigators.

We did find a new investigator and he seems to be a methodist; he gave us a few clues by his belief in the trinity; so we're gearing up to work on that with him. We just found out that a member told a recent convert that they shouldn't listen to us because apparently what we say isn't always true....so that's frustrating and really annoying! Just a word of caution....if you tell someone else anything about the gospel, MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK and search the scriptures and the words of the prophets (even online) BEFORE telling anyone anything that you're not so sure about.

Now that that's out of the way - I'll just say this, that members are a GIANT help with missionary work and they are also a GINORMOUS road block to missionary work.....!

As to serving here in the "bible belt" its not really worthy of the nickname because sadly not very many people actually read the bible. The ones that say they do...seem to just be confused. In my area of service it's 85% illiterate for the population here. As we are trying to explain something in the bible they usually say something like "Oh yeah, I have heard of Paul, but who is Saul?"

Dealing with stress E. Zollinger and I sometimes try to scare each other and ....oh yes...we sing ALL THE TIME!...as bad as our singing is...it's really fun. We're going through a ton of changes as we're having to start over in our teaching pool.....

I'm really glad that I have Elder Zollinger as a companion because he just kills the stress really quick.....so we're helping each other out and having a great time!

Regarding the missionary that was called from here to the Washington Tacoma mission. I think he leaves for the his mission in November. His name is Elder Harder from Virginia!

Other than feeling stressed at times - I'm eating alright...but I could use a GIANT burger right about now!

Tell the missionaries in the ward and the branch I said hey..what's up!

I love you all (mom and dad and family). I hope to hear from you soon (and I mean like SISTERS start sending letters or postcards or something.....!)

Enjoy your week!

Elder Richards
Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints