Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm in Norfolk 1st Ward and LOVING IT!

At a member's home in Portsmouth!
They take WONDERFUL care of our
Must have gotten something good!
Christmas Celebrations in Richmond, VA
Hello Everyone!

So I'm in Norfolk and in an apartment with 4 other Elders. It's sweet! Things are going well!

New Companion
New Companion  
We have 2-3 people set for baptism and we're getting ready with more to teach on the way. Our ward is much smaller than Portsmouth and our area is much flatter! (which is nice!) E. Carter - you know what I'm talking about!!

New friend in Norfolk!
So we've had some great adventures in so little time - it's amazing! We've been in a floating house and the guy who lives in it has a huge parrot - which bit one of my companions! It was great! We all laughed about it!

It's really nice still being on bike in this area. After I already got my bike fine-tuned for this new area - I still have to replace some things on it! It's all good! Haha!

Speaking of biking - I was in an intersection the other day (as we were stopping at the turning lane). I hit both of my brakes, to lift up my back end - I like to think I'm at the rodeo; but it didn't work out the way I planned it! I lost my footing and hit my frame and my chain fell off; but I didn't know my chain had come off until we started to go. I was dancing and hopping around in the intersection trying to get my pedals under my feet. It was truly a sight to see! I should have put on my back - as I was getting everyone's attention...haha! It was crazy!

Lately I've been studying in "Preach My Gospel" p. 11 on the activity and I'm taking my sweet time with it. It's amazing to see how the missionaries found people and what was an indication for them to teach people. I've also enjoyed Jesus the Christ in my companion's study time.

Well, my apartment has one room that we all sleep in (five beds in one room) - yeah it's awesome! There are 2 bathrooms and even an it's cool! Oh and we also have a dishwasher and a washer and I'm STOKED! (Pretty sweet digs for missionaries to live in!)

part of new apartment
Things are going really well with the five of us and we're doing good with knowing the area.

Mom and Dad I've been thinking about you both and the family a lot lately! I pray that things are going well and that the girls have some opportunities to accept the gospel on their own.

I've been changing how I pray lately and it's been in a way that I don't want to intrude on anyone's free agency and that they have the opportunity to hear and accept all things. The experiences people go through will prepare them to accept the gospel. So with that in mind, what will all of you be willing to go through to stay closer to the Lord and grow your faith?

I hope everyone's week is going well and that everyone get's something out of the scriptures too!

I love you and Mom and the whole family! Dad - "thou art the man!"


Elder Richards
Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

Christmas Dinner as a Mission!

Nice BIG meal!

The members of the Church in Virginia take such good care of our missionaries. As a parent of one of them I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart!