Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Week.....gone by...!

Hey Everyone!                                             Monday, November 26, 2012

So this week has been exciting! I twisted my ankle (again!) and almost got hit again on the road. (He's actually trying to give his parents heart attacks!).....but the great thing was I 'bucked' my bike....(?) I was thinking about throwing my hand back like a cowboy but thought, that wouldn't be a great idea!  Sooooooooo....................

Our week has been interesting. We've been teaching a lot of potential people; but no official lessons. I came in with no investigators but now, our efforts are paying off. Elder Orr and I work hard everyday to improve. We're working more this week to catch up on work that past missionaries have done possibly we will have more to do next week - after we work like crazy this week to get things rolling more.

We had an investigator come to church with us this week.....and she loved it! She said she was thinking about baptism and improving her life. She even says that The Book of Mormon is the same but just with different people....which is true.

Our bikes are doing good. I'll be planning on sending my bike (home) about a week before I leave and just borrow a bike from a member...if I can.

Our branch doesn't have too much drama - as much as Wakefield - but it's awesome. I love all the leaders in our branch. Everyone just takes you in and loves you in our's great!

We also had a funeral this last week.....which was interesting.

It's pretty fun in our area. It's the downtown part of Newport News - but it's all good. We're also working with a youth on getting him to make right choices and serve a mission. He loves having us over and spending time with us; so we're going to have him come with us - if - he's not on house arrest this week.....but no worries!! I LOVE the people here....they're awesome!

So Elder Orr doesn't know of any one named 'Sam Orr' who served in Canada.....sorry..not related!

So the computer I'm on isn't liking my camera right now but I'll find someone who can transfer my pics to y'all - otherwise, I'll show you them when I get back.

Well, I LOVE you all and I hope y'all have an awesome week!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints