Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Week!

Hey Family!

Thanks for the emails this week! I really enjoyed seeing Amy, Amanda and all look way different. And Aidon and Owen are growing up more ha-ha!

I have really enjoyed serving in the Glen Allen ward. Our missionary program is getting much better and we're able to go out with the Elder's weekly. It's a nice change since my last area.

I can't believe Amy is 21 yrs. old. That's crazy! You're still my little sister though. Ha-ha!

I hope that Sis. Brasher is doing better! Remember how wiped out I was when I came out of the temple? The Spirit took it right out of me and left me with a nice headache. Ha-ha! But I hope she's doing well!

My companion and I are working great together. One thing that has worked is we talk about our thoughts and feelings towards a problem and that usually fixes everything and sets the tone for our work...and then everything works we are doing well now. It's always been my goal to learn to work with my companions my whole mission. I've learned some great social skills from it. BTW my companion has been out 20 months.

Hearing how Jim is 32 years old and getting his bachelor's degree changes everything for me. Thanks for mentioning it. Sometime I'll have to get in touch with him and see how things are going. For a long time, I've always felt like the odd ball out about the whole age thing. Ha-ha...even all my companions tease me on how I look like I need to shave by noon ha-ha. But I love it! I've really learned to just shake off the humor Ha-ha.

Lately I've been learning to shake off the hard things and ignore life's hard things. So pray that I'll be able to work on that. I hope y'all enjoy Jim's wedding! Tell his family I said 'hey'! And be safe driving.

I got the package you sent mom and the peppermint leaked. I could smell the package a little but not a whole lot came out. I tested it on a 'live' specimen (bedbug) and it didn't work. It just curled up into a ball and just sat there. LOL! But it does smell nice though. Thanks. We'll keep using it to make our place smell nice.

Elder Jensen's trail bike is the one he would like to get rid of. I told him that dad was looking for one and he offered. The post office said they can't ship anything over 70 lbs. and I think it's right at the limit....but I would try UPS or FED EX and see their rates. I'll weigh it today and tell y'all next week how much they are together....and I'll try to reduce some weight from the frame once it's ready.

I'll be writing Josh too this week..I hope. We'll see how things go. I hope he's doing better and that the home teachers go and see him soon. Thanks for being guys are awesome!

Well that's it for me; everything is doing well here. I'm staying for another transfer, so I may finish here. I love y'all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints