Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Day...My Week...My far.......!

Apartment Community
An interesting Missionary Meal!

The BedBug Bandit! Watch Out!
Warriors on Bikes! Don't they look great!

Maybe he will be a Doctor some day!
A Warrior's Boots
Here We Come....Bed Bugs!!!

So....this last week I twisted my ankle...The one I've messed up 3 times before. We went to the Doc to get some x-rays done...which came back clean. I'm about as healthy as a horse with a twisted ankle and a higher salt diet. I've been in the apartment a lot to recover...and it's been driving me absolutely crazy!!! I'm now back on my feet with a set of military navy boots to stabilize my ankle along with an ace bandage underneath to help. I can walk - although getting DOWN stairs is another story. Also, the boots don't breath so I'm sure the other missionaries will love me for the next month or so.

It's great to hear that TJ and Jeff are in the 4th ward now. It's also good to hear that Landon has gotten married and is back in town and with a job! That's great! I hope he and his wife are doing well!

It's good to hear that family life is going well and that things are moving along.

Dad, I hope you have a safe trip and that you enjoy your week, this week. Please always remember to pay attention to the feelings of the Spirit as you travel. I need you to be safe! Thanks!

I also can't wait to use the new system for genealogy when I get home. The church has really made a ton of upgrades to their systems in the past two years. Apparently, there may be ipads  in our mission by August; but we'll see....nothing is for sure yet.

It's good to hear that Amanda is running! When I get back I'll tune up her bike so we can both go biking and everyone can come!

Good to hear that Cory is doing well too! BTW Cory is the man!!!

Amy, it's good to hear that your working so well that you are now full-time at your job. You're AWESOME!

Laura, I'd love some letters or emails. Either way it's all good! I'll have to send you my x-ray to look at it. Don't worry - I'll make my naked leg more modest with my sharpie here at the apartment before I send it to you. Hahaha! JK!

The Norfolk 1st ward is doing well. We're trying to find more investigators because the 3 we had are moving soon - so  no more of them - we're back at Square 1 again! It's tough, but it's all good. Just more to do. there is never a dull moment - just plenty to do.

Mom, there is a scripture in Ezekiel that relates to what your feeling. Missionary work is doctrine and happiness is a direct result to doing missionary work. It's great!

Dad, I hope your enjoying your treats more and NOT sharing them with the cat. LOL Hahahaha! Those peppermint patties are the best. They don't have them at the Dollar store where we go to get our snacks; but they do have junior mints. I put them in the freezer where they get tough but not solid ice and that's the best!

Today I studied in Mosiah 27 where the Angel comes to Alma the Younger and rebukes him but also helps him and his father. I related that to the white hand book in "Missionary Leadership". "The principles of gospel leadership affect the success of every phase of the work" and the leaders "goal is not merely to supervise or motivate; but to lift, encourage, inspire and bless." This studying was great today. I also did a lesson plan I've gotten from another missionary (who is now home from his mission) and some other inspiration from God as to how I should create my lesson plans.

I hope everyone is doing well and that y'all enjoy reading my "exciting week"! Hahahaha!

I love you = everyone!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

Good in the Kitchen!

Another view of the Atlantic Ocean,,,Enjoy!