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January 3rd, 5th & 6th, 2012

January 3, 2012

As the tape started you could hear the wind blowing real bad in the background. Evidently, E. Richards was riding his bike while recording. You could also hear thunder and lightning in the background too! He said that he and his companion were on their way to the library to email us and to send this audio clip. Nick had forgotten to send me a card on my birthday in December - so he wished me a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas (we had already spoken on Skype!) and a Happy New Year!

He just mentioned his love of studying about the Plan of salvation and how much he loves and enjoys reading his missionary manual "Preach My Gospel."

Later in the day he wrote:
As they were leaving their apartment later they started having some light snowflakes. It was COLD out and windy. As part of their P-Day activities they went over to a member's home and helped do some heavy yard work, such as moving some big tree trunks and branches.

They also rode to downtown Portsmouth to the bike shop to get E. M a new tire for his bike, one of his spokes straightened and his front hub adjusted......Then on their way back to their apartment, E. M's chain fell off his rear derailer (?) which is the worst thing a chain can do. As they were stopped on the side of the road fixing the chain the snow flakes turned into a full-blown snow storm!

They were able to make a contact with a referral which didn't turn out too well and also spoke to a man who it turns out -  he was drunk! :-)  

January 5, 2012

Well, E. Richards is suffering from a bad head cold and sore throat. You can tell by the way he sounds that he is kind of in a fog. He says though that they got a lot done today. He was able to update their area book. They biked @ 20-27 miles today. They were able to contact some perspective investigators; worked with some less-actives. They were able to accomplish a number of good goals they had set for themselves.

Nick tells of an experience they had during the day. They went to meet with a potential investigator. It sounds like they had made a time to visit with them. As they knocked on the door someone hurried to the door (not to answer it) to LOCK it. They also turned off the TV and turned off the lights! I'm sure that every missionary has had that type of experience before. As they rode away on their bikes, the lights came back on inside! He did express how disappointed they were to be treated that way!

Nick also was on exchanges with another Elder from his area. He mentions that they have a Zone meeting the next day.

He is trying to update the information of the day as events happen so that when they have to fill out their reports in the evening it makes it go faster.

It sounds like he is learning how to set goals and follow through with them. I'm very glad to hear about the good skills he is learning while out in the world serving the Lord.

January 6, 2012

Well, I'm done with exchanges with the other missionary I was with. We had a great Zone meeting; however, I did fall asleep during some of it because of this bad head cold I have. I am anxious to take the time to update my binder with a lot of the things we discussed as a zone.

Had a chance to go over to the Spanish Elders' apartment. While there, my companion E. M gave me a priesthood blessing so that I can hurry and kick this illness. I have to say that I'm TIRED of blowing my nose...if I blow it much more I'll probably find the lost city of Atlantis!!!

I'm excited...I get to go to another baptism of one of my investigators. I love feeling the Spirit at baptisms. It's AWESOME!

Well, all for now and I love you all a ton!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

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