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Monday, January 23, 2012

Being Transferred to Norfolk......or Norfik...or however you say it! Ha! Ha!

Hey everyone!

I'm getting transferred to Norfolk and I'm stoked! I'll have 2 companions! Yes, I'm in a trio and we are really close to our District Leader. HE'S IN THE SAME APARTMENT!!! That means there are 5 missionaries in the same apartment. It's going to be interesting!

My new area is a bike area.! It's downtown in the city and it's in the largest American naval port in the world. I'm glad I know military time - cause we use it here too - a lot! Ha! ha!

So, the call came last night as we were visiting at a member's home.

When the call came I was NOT expecting it was interesting. I really expected to stay; but I am excited to being going to another bike area. I told my mission president recently, that if the Lord were to transfer me to PLEASE keep me in a bike area. I really enjoy being on a bike due to the amount of stress - it's nice to have a way to work it off.

So in Portsmouth you can actually see the Norfolk area from the shore in the downtown Portsmouth area. It's kind of strange to be able to see my future area while I'm still in this area! Does that make sense?!

So I can't mention the names of Elder's or people I work with but I can tell you that the missionary who is coming into Portsmouth (to take my place) is Asian; but he is from Australia and HE'S THE MAN! I know he will help out this area really well; he is very charitable.

This week I'll be sending my bike into the shop to get it fixed before I move this coming Thursday. I want get it all tuned up so I can bike hard this next as I'll be downtown in Portsmouth I'll be able to again see my future area!

I'll be sending a few things home in a box to reduce weight and save me some space in my luggage; so I hope you don't mind getting some boxes.

To be totally honest, it's a bit stressful getting transferred when I have to be the one moving; but at the same time it's very exciting moving all over the place. So far I've been moving south in Virginia - so who knows where I'll be sent after I'm done in Norfolk.

Lately I've been studying in Mosiah and the thing I've been interested in is how quickly wickedness begins after Zeniff's son Noah becomes King. It's interesting to see where the focus is in life when things begin to change.

Everything is going well. Next week I'll send the details of my location and shipping information.

I hope everyone enjoys their week. I love you all and I hope the snow doesn't get too bad. Oh and btw I can't send pics or audio because I don't have any cables with me to transfer anything to e-mail. y'all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

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  1. We are very sad to lose Elder Richards this week. He didn't even get to come visit me and my family before he left. That was really sad. Hopefully we will get to see him again since I am in Norfolk (thats how you spell it but you say it Norfuck hahah) I'll be calling you sometime this week but he wanted me to tell you that he was sending home picture frames and such so that its less bulky in his cases and he wants Brother Richards to send his line of priesthood. :) I keep forgetting to call you. Sorry :/ Have a great night!! (oh yeah I'm Erica from the portsmouth ward where he was serving)