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Dec. 27th, 2011

Sorry to be so long in updating Elder Richards' blog. He sent home mostly audio recordings during a 2-3 week time period and it's taken me a while to sit down and transcribe the highlights.

December 27, 2011

@ 7:56 a.m. right before Personal Study time: Expressed his continued love for Virginia and his opportunity to serve there. In the Christmas box we sent him was a large summer sausage. Evidently, his companion has a family tradition of fixing biscuits and gravy for the he fixed breakfast for the 2 of them this morning with sausage! It was thoroughly enjoyed by both Elders!

Elder Richards was able to go back to Lawrenceville (from Portsmouth) to see the baptism of one of his investigators. He said it was the only time he had seen this young man without his "du rag" (?)....I'm assuming the young people know what this is!!! :-) He was also able to see a former companion, Elder Z. This missionary has evidently spent his mission up to this point in the same area!

He expressed that as missionaries they received a ton of socks and ties for Christmas! Both he and his companion said NOT to send any more kleenex; especially the ones in the little plastic pocket! They have enough to last forever! tee! hee! They could use some postage stamp books though! I think if you send them some postage stamps you should tell them it's on condition that they write you a LONG hand-written letter.

He still LOVES being on a bike. He has had to work on his and his companion's bikes a lot....maybe he might want to open his own bike business when he gets home..he will probably be a pro by then.

He sends his love to one and all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

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