Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Week in Wakefield!

Hey Family!

So my 1st Sunday here was interesting!

We had a lady in Sacrament meeting pass out.  People were busy calling the ambulance! As if that weren't enough -  we had a person who 'opposed' someone else who was called to a new calling and they walked out and slammed the door! Then later in Gospel Principles class another member was totally not being cool....they didn't think a brother in the ward was worthy to be baptized. It was wierd! My  companion, Elder Christensen was ready to rebuke him and we had another member almost leave the Church. It was a crazy first Sunday. It reminded me of high school drama!

I pray that everyone is safe and doing well. I'm doing ok! My companion is great! Really nice - really humble. So I've got a good opportunity to improve a lot!

Well, I think that's about it for this exciting week.

I love you all !   Isaiah 6:6-10 - Hymn #2 and the song "We'll bring the world His truth".

Elder Richards ;-)

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