Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 28, 2011

Well, Nick did get transferred on his first transfer. He was transferred to Wakefield, Virginia. It is southeast of Richmond. It was a difficult experience for him, as he doesn't enjoy change very much. I guess he is kind of a home-body like me!!  Here is what he says about being in his new area:

Things are going well. This week has been good and my new companion is AWESOME! (His name is Elder Christensen). He is super nice. He set out the rules and I listen and do! (Yeah for obedience!!) We both get along REALLY well and we joke with each other alot - so it's good. He's a GOOD missionary and I understand why President Perry sent me to him. I hope that I can do the work well and accomplish things. I'm trying to have better habits and want the work to progress here in Wakefield.

It's a really quiet town here except when the train goes by during the day and at night - while I'm in bed!!! The apartment is ok. It's a 100+ years old so there is tons of history here. It's good ! We just cleaned it today, except all the ants in the shower, so when I shower I try to stay on the other side of the bathtub. Ha! Ha! But it's not that bad!

Our area is 600 square miles; we're in a car and we've got bikes too. Our mailing address is: P.O. BOX 964 - Wakefield, VA 23888. Be sure to pass my new address along to the ward and the 5th branch.

Tell the Bipperts I said 'hi' and a big thanks for the single branch letters and the package they sent! The slippers they sent were too small for me so I exchanged with a missionary in Clover Hill by the name of Elder Pounder (who is amazing!) so we were all happy! :-) I'll try to send a letter to those who wrote me and such - but it is really hard to find the time to do so....(I guess it's good that he is busy doing the Lord's work!!)

Some crazy stuff happened my first Sunday here in Wakefield, but I'll write you those details! We've got work to do and oh - btw our branch here meets in an old Quaker's chapel that was bought by the Church. It's weird to have a church with stained glass windows everywhere and a basement that we use.

Well, I hope that all is well and that everything is okay. Be sure to tell Jay Jex, Jeffrey Jex, Natalie Broulot and Jeff Bates that I will write them soon and also Jacob Nuttall.

I love you all and your letters just really helped me here in Wakefield. THANK YOU SO MUCH - you're all AMAZING!

I love you and I hope that all will be well with you.

Your missionary, Elder Richards :-)

I too, would like to express my thanks to everyone that has taken the time to write to Nick on his mission. It has helped him tremendously. For him to go and be moved around a lot is a difficult thing for him - but a great learning experience. Again, Thanks! We love and appreciate all of you!

Don & Susan Richards :-)

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