Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Letter written home on 17 December 2010

Hey Mom and Dad

Just letting you know how the MTC is going. It's a bit different from home. Me and my companion are a bit shy, but I hope it gets better. We have tons of things to do during the day; lots of class and role play.

I miss you both and the sisters also. I almost don't have any time to write letters but I'll try to get used to it. I'm really looking forward to all your letters! To give me hope, inspiration and how you are all doing.

Also all my immunization records aren't here and I really need you to send them either by mail or fax.....I need all records and dates ASAP.

I love you all and also pictures of the family would be nice. Thanks for all the gifts.

I Love you all! :-)

Elder Richards

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