Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More news from Glen Allen, Virginia

Great New Motto!
This last week has been REALLY busy! We've been contacting a lot of people and getting a lot of things done! It's been good and somewhat frustrating!

I'm feeling like my companion doesn't have a huge desire to serve....but it's all good...because if I have to drive this band wagon...then I will! It's gonna be a tough ride, one that I hope will be worth it.

I don't understand. Recently I've been worried about the lack of baptisms I've seen for myself versus the abundant amount companions have had and yet they lack the desire to do the work. Those have been my thoughts lately.....but I do have a desire to improve and become better as a teacher. I've noticed that in most areas of my mission - it's tough to improve when my companion doesn't seem to have a desire.

...but I MUST remember that I can build a foundation and convert my companion and those serving around me and in the church. I may not see many baptisms on my mission but a successful missionary, from the Church's standpoint isn't judged by the baptisms; but their personal commitment to the work and since I've started my mission, that's what it's been for me.

This week we're planning to contact 10+ scheduled appointments with people, and hopefully set some for baptism. We also have some possible service opportunities...which I really enjoy doing! I'm also getting my notes organized and have been working hard to have a desire to return back to my journal and read what I have written. It's hard for me to do that - but I know the times I have, have been testimony building moments for me...because what I wrote down was worth it.


He WON....again!

We recently had a Stake Fair and a bunch of missionaries played 'Corn Hole'. I can't describe to y'all how much fun that game is - it's probably one of my favorites! I took a bunch of pics but not of me really...haha! I'm nervous to ask people to take my picture most of the time. I just like to take a bunch myself.

Great Missionaries!

Army of God!
So I'll send those ones out to y'all. Enjoy!

I love you all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

P.S. Thanks for your emails - they really help me out. Tell all the COUSINS I said hey!  Helaman 10:7

P.S.S. Evidently, one of E. Richards' past companions has a bike he doesn't he's giving it to E. Richards to send home for his dad. It's a Diamond Back Trail Mountain Bike and he says it's a SMOOTH ride as he has ridden it a few times. It's a bike which is worth $800.00 that he is giving us for free!  I think we are going to be a 'riding' family! He needs to also get together with Bro. Jeff Klumker...I hear he's a 'biking' man!


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