Monday, August 6, 2012

Some NEW Progress!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Great Family!
GOOD Friends!!!
How do you dry leather?'s hot and sweaty here!

This week has been GREAT! Our ward is now starting to get ward missionaries, and we're developing a ward mission plan. Our youth are asking us all the time to come out with us and teach, bike, tract and so on....!

Our ward is looking up and it's great that we're getting things ignited. It's been a struggle and it took some trials to get here but hopefully we will see some good things come out of this.

Lately my studies have highlighted the significance of Jesus Christ; how great He was/is and His influence in my life. The gospel, when applied brings nothing but GOOD things into our lives; because it's all TRUE principles.

I'm also trying to apply the doctrine found in the scriptures. That's how it is meant to work since Nephi did it in his time and how all the prophets did. I'm likening the scriptures to myself more and internalizing them with the hopes that I will get more out of them; thus giving me a better understanding of life and history also!

One of our investigators broke down to us and said he didn't want to revert back to anger and drugs. We gave him a list of things to help him have happiness! AND HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! bOO-YEAH!!!

We also met 2 new investigators who were very nice the first night we met. They gave us a nice drink at their home and we're meeting them tonight for a lesson!!

Lately my bike has been working great! I'll be getting a new cassette here soon that can hold up to the stress I put into it!!!!! (IT'S ALL GOOD!)

The BIKE Man.....He's the MAN!!!
He keeps us on the Road!
Another thing I've realized this week is that even in hard times, optimism is key to living and progressing in the gospel and in our mental health. The Gospel benefits every aspect of our lives all at the same time while applying one principle and then learning to do another. Living one principle helps us to live another and another and another and the only thing that limits us in our progression is in our understanding of the doctrine.

Here are some ways to better look at the scriptures when studying:

1. Doctrine - WHAT is the doctrine
2. Principle - WHY is it a principle
3. Application - HOW do we apply it?
4. Behavior - WHY and HOW does it change our behavior..

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your e-mails family.


Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

We're WATCHING you!!

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