Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey Everyone!                                                         20 August 2012

I'm getting transferred to........a far off land named Glen Allen. It's north of Richmond in a VERY hilly bike area...it's in the suburbs. I'm not sure if I'll be in that area through my last transfer - but it's going to be AWESOME! (SEE MAP BELOW!)

This week....we taught a sweet lesson with a woman on her porch. She didn't want us to come by later; but once we both bore our testimonies and sang a hymn on her porch, she invited us back for this coming week. It was great to see the change in her countenance once we testified and sang "I Am A Child of God".........plus her dog loved having a nice back scratch. Haha!

We also had a great time talking to a bunch of people that want us to come back this week. It's great to see how the gospel changes people. Hearing the testimonies of other people and their experiences helps to lift me up....also when they are lifted up in their hard times.

It is only in our service and action that people can see us and feel our light!

This week we're also getting things going with our investigators and helping them in their reading of The Book of Mormon; we're hoping they will progress.

The missionary that will step-in for me served as the Assistant to the Mission President. The President always releases his Assistants when they have only one more transfer. He (the Elder) is an AWESOME missionary; one that I think Norfolk really needs.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get packing this week, getting things cinched up and ready for my move.

From what I hear, Glen Allen is a very rich area and has TONS of hills! It also has the smallest missionary apartment in the Virginia Richmond Mission so I'll be a bit cramped; but IT'S ALL GOOD!!  :-)

Something great I learned this week ties into the principles of Charity and Love found in "Preach My Gospel". If you ever have a difficult time communicating with others...ask them this question: "How do you show charity and concern for me?" and then ask "How can I show charity and love for you?" This is a good way to understand how to solve problems and fix issues with another person. It works great to ask those questions to others around you, i.e. investigators, friends, family, relatives or acquaintances It has a deep application but it makes sense. People will know that we are the Disciples of Christ when we have love one to another.

If I work that way with my motives then people will see a vast change for good in my character and behavior. The Savior explains it a bunch more in John Chapter 14 about love and action/behavior. I see it as a psychology lesson/observation that the Savior points out.

Anyway, I'm STOKED to be moving. I've been here forever and I'll be scratching my head as to how to pack all over again......BUT IT'S ALL GOOD!

I love you all!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

P.S. Thanks for the email.....I am STOKED to hear that you found Elder Harter. He's the man! That is so cool that you were able to see him. I love seeing your faces and him together...Haha...it seems like yesterday that I was chasing chickens at their house...Haha!

I love you guys! Thanks for all you two do!!!

Elder Harter serving in the Tacoma, WA mission
Elder Richards knew him and his family
when he served in
Wakefield, Virginia, USA

Elder Richards' 6th area of Service
Just a little north/west of Richmond.

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