Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I would like to share this poem that another mom whose son is serving in the Virginia Richmond Mission shared with all of us. It's beautiful! Enjoy!

I am a Virginia Richmond Missionary
I am a righteous warrior and a member of a team

I serve the children of My Heavenly Father and live the Gospel 
I will always place my mission first
I will never accept defeat

I will never quit
I will investigate all referrals

I am disciplined, physically, and mentally tough, trained and
proficient in my righteous warrior tasks

I will always maintain my gospel study and prayer skills
I am humble and I am faithful

I stand ready to defend the Gospel against the buffetings of satan
And plead the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I am a guardian of freedom and the Gospel way of life

I am a righteous warrior

I am a Virginia Richmond Missionary!

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