Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Week Gone By!

Hey Family!                                                   30 November 2011

Thanks for the e-mails!!! Things in the mission are going great! We had a lot of Thanksgiving food on the 24th. Out of the 4 appointments, we had only two cancel. When we rode back to the apartment it was FREEZING and we didn't have our coats and we were both wearing our short sleeve shirts. It was also a good 40-55 minute bike ride home!......but it's all good!

This week I'll be on exchanges with some other missionaries while others are going to the leadership meeting up in Richmond. We'll be back at the apartment about Friday night.

As far as things go, the only thing I need are new front and rear lights for my bike.....and some goodies and some letters from the family and some really good quotes. Anything that you think would make a missionary happy! :-)

I'm also hoping that I'll stay in my area or at least on my bike. It's nice to be able to ride everyday. I can also stop anywhere and talk to anyone....That's the good part! I should hear about transfers on the 11th of December.

So I hope that everyone is doing great and that things are getting better. It's great to hear that Owen and Aidon are doing so well and that Amanda, Laura and Amy are doing so well. It really MAKES my Monday and the week when I get news like that. Mom and Dad, thanks for still writing me, it means a ton!!!! Thanks for the amazing stories about missionary work and service. Thanks for being missionaries!

ALSO, I LOVE you all and I hope you enjoy this great Christmas Season!!!!

Elder Richards

Virginia Richmond Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints

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