Wednesday, August 24, 2011

15 August 2011 Hello Family!

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for the email's and pics! That was awesome to see that y'all went to see the Zollingers! Haha! Something that my companion and I cooked up. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I wanted to tell you that a young man by the  name of Jason Harder just got called to the Washington Tacoma mission. I thought that you should also know that his family was in my last area. Jason is super stoked to be a missionary!

Remember if you see him that your son E. Richards went on exchanges with him and visited with his family often....just fyi!

Other great times here in the mission.....we're now doing genealogy for people and using FamilySearch to help people with the I won't be too far behind you mom! Haha! It's something our mission is doing that's new but very effective in getting new people to teach.

Dad - I'm stoked that you are remembering more from your mission. You SHOULD WRITE THOSE MEMORIES DOWN. That way we have more in common, and the more I can tell you when I get home - I'll also be asking you more of your experiences on your be sure to write them down. I hope that you're doing great! and that work is going well.

Something that just came to mind was something that Uncle Dan said to me before I left, "I didn't believe in what I sold"....which is sad. In my last night in the MTC, Elder Holland spoke to us about the purpose of "Preach My Gospel". "It is to first convert the missionary and then to teach beyond their own conversion". I can't look at the gospel as something to sell, because it's FREE! and we can achieve anything we want. We must all be backed up to the wall of faith and it is there that we must make our stand - to rise above the rest or fall into darkness and confusion.

So with that said, I'm super greatful that I have the family that I have - that we all have a goal in  mind and are firm in sticking to it.

Thank you Mom and Dad for your examples and righteousness. I'm greatful for the discipline that I had over the years and all of the good times and hard times that have led me to be on a mission.

I love you all and I hope all is going well.

Love your son and Missionary,
E. Richards :-)
Going fishing on P-DAY!

Companion study w/ E. Zollinger

And here we are in living color!

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