Thursday, June 2, 2011

April 18th Letters

Hey Mom! Thanks for the email and testimony. Things are going well here. We're setting about 4 people for baptism and our branch is going well. I'm teaching the young priests - mission prep and we're teaching them how to plan - while also refining our own skills.

Tell the ward members I'm very grateful for their letters and a big 'thank you' from me! It's good to read those letters every now and then.

My new companion is Elder Carter. He is 6 ft. 4 in. and just towers over me. He's nice, very organized, clean and snores at night! Ha! Ha! He teaches me a lot and occasionally jokes around; but still keeps our duty in mind. Our district is good!

How are the challenges going that I sent you? I hope everything is going well and that you're seeing blessings from service.

How are the girls and everyone else? I hope they're doing well. Amy's letter just made me so glad that she's in the church and active. I hope and pray that y'all are getting missionary experiences and spiritual opportunities.

I've been having to learn to deal with my companion's changes and helping him cope with the area; but it's going well - but really stressful. Other than that it's all good, no worries. The food is good and the insoles are comfy! Thanks for the stories and the goodies.

Some missionaries in this mission have abused the privilege of using mp3 players with the internet so we're all sending any internet capable devices home - so if your ok with sending me some classical music by CD that would be great - also some piano music and any efy music and Mormon Tabernacle Choir would be great!

Thanks again for the quotes, scriptures and hymns that you send...

Love you!
your son Elder Richards

Hey Dad - Thanks for the email. The weather is ok. We were teaching some potential investigators at their home in Surry (just north east of Wakefield). They are pentecostal and the wierd thing is that she started speaking in tongues! When the storm hit we were still at their home teaching them so they shared an evening meal of spaghetti with us. It was good but not as good as yours.

The drive home was awesome! The windshield wipers going as fast as they could - still couldn't keep the water off of the windshield. Crazy!!! We're teaching 4 people the gospel and we're going to be setting them for that's good! I hope they accept our invitation. My companion Elder Carter is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and has served most of his mission in the projects of the cities of Richmond, Norfolk and Newport News. This is his first real time to be in a car for over a year.

He's nice, teaching me to be organized and gives lots of suggestions. Sometimes I get stressed by him but I love his attitude and I'm doing fine.

We all have interviews with Pres. Perry this Saturday. Elder Carter gave me some really good advice for study and it's going well. I try to think to myself that I came out here to change and refine my character and gospel understanding. I feel that I'm going to be enlightened well from now on. In my journal with my scriptures and ensign I will add a little J-1, pg. 2 (J=journal and then the number, and the page in that journal) on the side of verses or articles in the ensign and refer those references to my journal and then write my thoughts and add the references in my journal. That's my new way of study and it's been going well.

I hope everything is going well and that you enjoy the extra sleep. I keep praying for ya and for the family so keep me posted on how things are going. I'm not sure if the girls are going to write me while I'm out on my mission, so if you could keep me posted of how they're doing.

I love you dad and I'm glad that you write me. It really cheers me up hearing from you and mom and knowing how things are going.

I hope work is going well and life is doing good.

Your favorite son, Elder Richards

D&C 101:16

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