Friday, April 8, 2011

More News from Wakefield, Virginia

Hey Mom and Dad!                                            28 Mar. 2011

I'm doing well here in Wakefield. We are getting nervous about transfer calls coming next week!

I hope that the girls are doing well. I've been praying for them every day, hoping that they would receive a witness of the gospel and the Savior. I've spent some good times in prayer with tears and hope that all is well with y'all.

I've been studying about the authority of Jesus Christ and His ministry and the example he set. I've also been reading about church history from my mission library. It reminds me of Temple Square and the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and the more I study the more I would love to live in Utah. Reading about church history that is approved really strengthens my testimony and witness I've already had in my life.

My companion (Elder Christensen) and I have been talking and we both think it's a good idea to not watch TV or get on the computer on Sunday. We have felt that by not doing those things on the sabbath will help us to improve our family unity and strengthen our relationships. We should do our Home Teaching and take the opportunities to visit those in need. I know that the more we give of our time and effort doing service and living the gospel that we will see blessings for the things that we do. The more we ACT on it the better and faster we will progress. It's often in that time when we don't want to do it that our Spirit says to ACT on it  - is when we will be blessed for those actions.

Here are some needs:

a HUG and a KISS....LOL!

Well, I hope that all is well and that nobody goes crazy - ha! ha! How's my challenge going that I extended y'all from Preach My Gospel about living a missionary schedule? I hope the lessons learned are being applied and that y'all enjoy them. I know that if we continue to build a strong foundation that we will always come out strong!.....but only if our foundation stays strong!

Next time y'all go to Utah, go to the Conference Center and take a tour, as I did. Pray before you go for an answer to a special question and for the Spirit. Look at some of the history in Salt Lake City at the Visitor Centers. I promise your testimonies will grow stronger and the more we act on these things the more our example will shine.

Thanks for all the e-mails and letters. Keep'em up - it's great to hear from y'all and also anyone in the 4th ward. Be sure to tell them hey and that I hope everything is going well.

Congrats to those young men and sister for choosing to serve missions. I will be writing soon.

Your son,

Elder Nicholas D. Richards

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