Friday, January 7, 2011

Nick's Answer to the Bipperts - dated 6 Jan. 2011

Hey! It's nice to hear from you! That's great that you all had a great turn out for volleyball! Tell everyone I said "hi"....and the orange juice here really isn't that bad! LOL  Life here at the MTC is GREAT! We just got back from the temple a few hours ago and it was such a great feeling. Here at the MTC you can feel the Spirit all the time. It's just below the feeling at the temple. It's pretty great!

I'm sending pictures soon so be sure to show everyone! As I'm in the MTC it really highlights how important the work really is. Make sure to get those young men going on their missions soon, if they haven't already decided yet. It's really not anything negative - what everybody says! You get out of it what you put into it, and your life will be changed regardless. Spirit's will be touched and tears will fall, but it's GREAT!

I'm a little anxious about the field. We got delayed because they sent out two groups at the same time, so we're here till the 12th till 4 a.m. :-) But it's great! That just means more time to have all the good food. It's not the best, but it's way better than fast food; plus all the chocolate milk you want - who wouldn't want that!?! It's great!

Anyway, it blows not seeing anyone; all my friends - I miss you all! The whole branch, just my extended family - the experiences with you and with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ really all helped me prepare for the MTC and I thank you all for it!

Be sure to write all letters to my mission home in Virginia because this will be the last time I can check my email at the MTC. Be sure to use dear elder and write! I love and miss you all!

Hymn #97, #165

Joshua 1:9   D&C 121:49  i think

Elder Nicholas Richards

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