Thursday, December 30, 2010

Letter dated 29 December 2010

thanks so much for the email mom, i'm enjoying it here in the mtc alot. sometimes i'm trying to study hard and its not getting through, but it's going ok.  also i'm getting a bit nervous about who my new companion will be in virginia. if you could put my name in the temple and pray that he will help me, and that we can get along well that would be great. it's nice to have the help early on in the mission as to who i'm serving with. and of course all throughout my mission. i hope to enjoy it the whole 2 years. and love all my companions!
 it really helps my day so much when i receive letters from everyone!  i'll be sending you all letters that are special, no matter what. i just hope i can find the time to write them, since i'm still struggling to get the lessons down. if i can do that then it would be much easier. also keep sending me family pics and such it's so nice to have pictures of you all. it's really nice to get your dear elder letters, if anyone would like to write me feel free! it's always nice to have something to read from home! and tell the klumpkers i said thanks for there family pic and a christmas wish. i havent gotten my drivers licence yet but i'm hoping, i'm so anxious waiting if i got any mail everyday. it's better than anything to get a letter from home!

i love you so much! thank you for the email, i'll be sure to look forward to your dearelder letters too. since i can only check my email once a week. i hope all is well and i pray for you all everyday.

your son Elder Richards

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